Ntrust believes value creation depends on the ability to create an international buyers market to create competition among all the bidders


  • Establish guidelines of the process
  • Prepare documentation
  • Monitor Due Diligence
  • Assist seller in negotiation stage


Extract maximum valuation for the company

  • Put forward the assets of the company best fitting the selected buyers.
  • Target the buyers with the best valuation potential
  • Involve a large panel of buyers to increase the competitiveness of the process.
  • Anticipate the negotiation process to avoid pitfalls with a detrimental impact on valuation.

Achieve best deal terms

  • Provide assistance in the negotiation process beyond the price, the create the best deal package.

Streamline the process

  • Quicken the transaction process.
  • Alleviate the burden of deal management during the preparation, execution and negotiation phases of the transaction to preserve the operations of the company.